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 Offering sports massage as part of your event can be what makes the difference to your participants, spectators and volunteers. Have us come out to your expo, packet pick-up or finish line to help enhance your event. We have worked 5Ks, Triathlons, Coached Sessions, Camps, etc. We will work both local or travel with your team depending on your needs. Let us talk with you and determine a plan that will make sense for you, your participants and your spectators!  
  • Had my first massage since finishing school today. It was so needed, and I feel amazing. Thank you Revive Therapeutic and Sports Massage! — with Troy Monges
  • Thanks for the massage Troy! Got in an easy 3 miler yesterday and felt great doing it! I will be doing my homework. 
  • Had my first run this morning after 11 days off, (Darn injury) but really feel like my deep tissue Massage helped alot. Thanks Troy Monges. I still will ease back into my normal pace and mileage. At least I made it 6 miles.    
 "Troy is one of the best massage therapists I have ever known. As an athlete himself, Troy has a unique knowledge and understanding of just what his clients really need. He is able to quickly identify the actual problem area (usually not what I thought it was). This allows him to facilitate a deeper and more lasting release of muscle pain than any previous massage therapist I've worked with."  
Thank You Troy- just wanted to say how much better my legs feel since my massage. I never realized what a Huge difference a massage could make! I was experiencing shooting leg pains and unable to run. Now I am running again and the pain is gone! Feels like a miracle for me. Thanks again.
Welcome to Revive Total Body Massage.

Got Pain?.…..
Relief is only a touch away!
Medical Massage Therapy:
Skilled, sensitive,compassionate touch.
Evidence-based therapeutic techniques
Goals of Medical Massage:
* Sport Recovery * Injury Prevention * Increased Mobility * Pain Management * Restored well-being



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Riverside California, USA .
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